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Taps are used to cut screw threads on the inside surfaces of holes, creating the "female" half (nut) of the screw. High precision is of vital importance, particularly in areas such as automobile engines, which require precision screws.

We offer a lineup of taps with diameters ranging from small to large and with specifications suitable for a wide variety of uses.

We have the top market share for taps not just in Japan but also in the world.

Taps' Line Up


Drills are used to make holes in a wide range of surfaces.

We have received high acclaim for our development of high-precision, high-value-added products for use in automotive and aircraft part manufacture, which demands advanced processing techniques and zero margin of error.

Drills' Line Up


End mills are used to cut and contour molds for plastic parts, for instance for electric home appliances, as well as die-casting dies for automotive parts and stamping molds.

To meet today's demanding requirements, such as smaller size, lower weight and reduced cost, we see growing demand for carbide end mills that are excellent in both processing accuracy and durability.

In this area, we are currently focusing on developing new products that utilize our advanced proprietary coating technique.

End mills' Line Up


Indexable tools are used to shape metal molds and machine parts.

While end mills are used for finishing, indexable tools are intended for rough cutting and contouring, and use disposable inserts attached to the tool body.

Indexable Tools' Line Up


Thread rolling dies are used to copy threading onto "male" screws (bolts); the process consists of rolling a metal bar between two thread rolling dies tightly pressed to each side.

OSG manufactures cylindrical and flat rolling dies for screws, worms and serrations, thread rolling planetary dies and counter-flow rolling dies, in accordance with their intended use.

Rolling Dies' Line Up


Gauges are used to inspect the final dimension of holes and threads. We started to market screw thread gauges for ISO class soon after JIS (Japan Industrial Standards) introduced the ISO gauge standard. Inspection process is getting more important, because the final products need to be more accurate and to follow the international standard. OSG provides not only gauges but also gauge calibration service (charged) to meet customer demand.

Gauges' Line Up




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